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Creating Your best future begins today

Our services are tailored to each and every client. Creating your best future begins today!

We start by getting organized and taking inventory of what debt, savings, investments and financial commitments you currently have. From there, we work with you to outline your short and long-term goals. Whether you want to reduce debt, save for retirement or bolster your portfolio, clearly defined goals will help us work together to develop a strategy to achieve them.

While the strategy for each client is unique and customized to fit their lifestyle, we have found that financial advice is easiest to incorporate when it’s given in manageable chunks. Instead of meeting with you once and trying to cram as much information as possible into a single session, we’ll meet with you on an ongoing basis and tackle different goals according to your schedule. To keep you on track, we’ll outline a Plan of Action with goals and information tailored to you.

We believe in full transparency, which is why we list our services and the associated fees on our .

Phase One: The Checkup

Take charge of your financial health. Learn how to get out of debt and start saving for your financial future.

The Checkup is the first phase of the advising and planning process. It serves as the starting point for diagnosis. It is here where we will take financial inventory and get organized. The following services will be provided during this phase:

Instruction on how to become financially organized.

Instruction on how to monitor your spending patterns and behavior in order to maximize your cash flow.

A personalized strategy on how to reduce and/or eliminate debt.

A coach who will hold you personally accountable for getting things done.

Phase Two: The Full Assessment

A more detailed assessment and plan is created in order to make the most of your money, and create achievable and sustainable short and long term goals.

The Full Assessment is the second phase of the advising and planning process. It serves as the point in which we supercharge your financial life. It is here where we will collectively figure out your short and long term goals, and create an actionable plan to achieve them. The following services will be provided during this phase:

Everything mentioned above PLUS:

Creation of an annually updated financial plan, that will be the roadmap to financial success, will typically review and include the following: Insurance Planning, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Student Loan Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning

Creation of Net Worth Statement (updated annually).

Review and clean up of the investments held within your investment and retirement accounts.

Ongoing coaching, accountability and motivation to follow and implement the financial plan.

Our service fees are as follows for The Checkup and The Full Assessment under Ongoing Financial Planning:

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